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Unsung Heroines: 1967-1996

Women Artists from the Allan Stone Collection

March 4 - 29, 2020

Allan Stone Projects is pleased to present Unsung Heroines 1967-1996, a selection of works from the Allan Stone Collection by women artists who forged new territory over two decades. In collaboration with Rago Auctions, these works will be offered for auction on March 25, 2020.


Creating outside the limelight, these artists made inventive, powerful works that explore politics, gender roles, storytelling, abstraction and art history.  Drawing inspiration from their personal circumstances, utilizing their unique drive and vision, these women created from their need for expression, often without support or recognition from the larger art community.


Featured artists include Joyce Blunk, Primarosa Cesarini Sforza, Cara Croninger, Rebecca Cuming, Jackie Ferrara, Nancy Flanagan, Juliette Gordon, Susan Hauptman, Lisa Parker Hyatt, Kazuko Inoue, Lisa Kokin, Maureen McCabe, Martha McKay, Diana Moore, Dalia Ramanauskas, Reesey Shaw, Lorraine Shemesh, Wendy Ward Ehlers and May Wilson.

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