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Primarosa Cesarini Sforza

Primarosa Cesarini Sforza was born in Bologna, Italy in 1946 and received her Master of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Rome. Cesarini Sforza has been the subject of exhibitions at galleries and museums in Rome, New York, Paris, Madrid, Cologne, Lisbon, Cairo, Istanbul and Bilbao, among others. Her work is represented in numerous permanent collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome; the Orestiadi Foundation, Gibellina; the Umberto Mastroianni Foundation, Arpino; the Italian Embassy of Brazil; the Italian Embassy of Cyprus; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Asilah; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Amman; and the Giuliano Briganti Foundation. The artist lives and works in Rome.


Cesarini Sforza draws upon art history and a surrealist sensibility to build her intimate and eclectic box constructions. Utilizing found objects and everyday materials, she creates poetic spaces of personal and symbolic significance, much like the assemblages of Joseph Cornell. Cesarini Sforza juxtaposes figures, animals and unexpected materials to imbue her works with a lively, dream-like energy. She connects these disparate elements with a network of knotted string that anchors her compositions and acts as a guide for contemplation. Cesarini Sforza has a thoughtful approach and a strong sense of narrative with which she encourages the viewer to embark on their own journey of interpretation.

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