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May 31 – July 27, 2012


May 31 – July 27, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 31, 6–8 pm


Disrobed Exhibition Explores Nudity in Works of Sow, De Andrea, Howell and Other Masters

Several of the world’s most famous painters and sculptors will be “taking it all off” in an exhibition at the new Allan Stone Gallery, 5 East 82nd Street, New York, NY. Ousmane Sow, John De Andrea, Dean Howell and other equally notable artists will explore the subject of “nudity” in Allan Stone Gallery’s latest exhibition, from May 31 through July 27.

Allan Stone Gallery Director Allison Stone Stabile said, “Disrobed is an exhibition about the process of becoming naked and how nudity is portrayed by these artists, not only as a state of being but also as an action. The works demonstrate that the act of disrobing reveals not only the skin of their subjects but also their personalities.”

One highlight of the exhibition is a rare, nude African figure from Ousemane Sow’s monumental Nouba series. The Senegalese sculptor’s figure appears to be preparing for a ceremonial event, applying face paint while peering in a broken mirror.

John De Andrea’s Caucasian model is stripped bare to reveal a pale pink skin and lean body, while Dean Howell’s black male is caught in thought. Both figures appear oblivious to the fact they are being witnessed in the nude.

Other exhibition highlights include Stephen Cornelius Roberts’ oil on canvas, depicting a nude woman, who although appearing somewhat awkward and a bit camera shy, nonetheless stares squarely back at the viewer. By contrast, Ron Schwerin’s nude model is more than relaxed as she reposes undistracted on the painter’s couch.

The exhibition also includes paintings and works on paper by modern and contemporary artists who have been championed and collected by the Allan Stone Gallery over the course of its 50-year history, including Gaston LaChaise, Pierre Le Faguays, Dan O’Neal, Richard Estes, Joan Semmel, Lorraine Shemesh and Wayne Thiebaud.

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