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Stone Art LLC & Allan Stone Projects  Announce New Leadership

On August 12, 2014, Stone Art LLC announced the appointment of Dorothy Goldeen as President. Created from the Estate of Allan Stone, Stone Art LLC is the exclusive administrator of the Allan Stone Collection and oversees the gallery, Allan Stone Projects, located in Chelsea. Outgoing Allan Stone Projects President, Allison Stone Stabile, welcomed and praised Goldeen, saying “We are very excited to appoint Dorothy Goldeen with her substantial experience as a dealer and advisor, and deep knowledge of many of the artists in the Allan Stone Collection.”

Goldeen and her team will be conducting private and auction sales, advising collectors and participating in art fairs internationally. In addition, the team will be curating scholarly exhibitions drawn from the Collection as well as providing educational access to the works. Goldeen commented, “Allan Stone left a remarkable legacy. I am honored to have the opportunity to illuminate his unique vision and disseminate the works he so passionately collected.”

Dorothy Goldeen brings extensive expertise in the field having established Dorothy Goldeen Art Advisory in 1996, following twenty-three years as a gallerist in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Goldeen specializes in advising clients in the acquisition and resale of modern and contemporary art. She has built numerous private collections, mounted more than 200 exhibitions of contemporary art and established working relationships with hundreds of artists, collectors and art world professionals. Dorothy serves on the National Board of ArtTable and presided as Chair of the Southern California Chapter from 2012-2014 and from 1992-1994.