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Selected Past Exhibitions

Allan Stone Gallery

1960 - 2010

Press Release

Allan Stone Gallery was founded in 1960. Between that year and 2010, the gallery mounted over 300 exhibitions at three locations in New York. Below is a selected list of these exhibitions, illustrating the scope, depth and duration of the Gallery's program.


Derrick Guild: After Eden, Sep 10-Oct 30
Collage: John Chamberlain & Alfred Leslie, Nov 4-Dec 23

George Deem: Quotations (Early Works), Jan 8-Feb 21
Lorraine Shemesh: Intersections, Feb 28-Apr 11

Wayne Thiebaud: The Figure, Apr 8-May 30
Robert Baribeau: Recent Work, Jun 11-Jul 18

Derrick Guild: Pre-Ascension, Mar 8-Apr 28
Bugatti, May 3-Jun 28
Willem de Kooning: Drawings 1920-1970s, Oct 30-Dec 22

Kazuko Inoue: Intersections, May 10-Jun 30
James Havard: Recent Paintings, Oct 21-Dec 22
Robert S. Neuman: Fifty Years, Jan 12-Mar 4
Willem de Kooning: Slipping Glimpses 1920-1960s, Dec 7-Dec 10

Alfred Leslie, 1951-1962: Expressing the Zeitgeist, Oct 16, 2004-Jan 22
Richard Hickam: Beyond the Surface, Feb 5-Mar 26
Wayne Thiebaud Since 1962: A Survey, Apr 2-May 27
Robert Rasely: Enigmatic Landscapes, Jun 6-Jul 18
John Graham: Sum Qui Sum, Oct 22-Dec 22

John Chamberlain: Early Works, Oct 28, 2003-Jan 17
David Beck: La Naturecanique, Jan 24-Mar 6
James Grashow: Cardbirds, Mar 13-Apr 24
Lorraine Shemesh,, Liquid States: Paintings and Drawings, Apr 29-Jun 11
Robert Baribeau: Field Paintings, Still Lifes, and Objects, Jun 17-Jul 23

Joseph Cornell: Toys, Objects, Box Constructions, Collages, Oct 30, 2002-Jan 18
Wayne Thiebaud: Riverscapes, Feb 5-Mar 19

Dennis Clive: The Players: Ceramic Sculpture, May 2-Jun 13

Philip Sultz: Collage, Jan 13-Feb 28
James Havard: Paintings, Mar 10-Apr 21
Wayne Thiebaud: Four Decades with the Allan Stone Gallery, May 3-Jul 12
The Figure: 120 Years of Representational and Abstract Figuration, Nov 1-Dec 20

Philip Sultz: Collage, Jan 13-Feb 28
Derrick Guild: Bread Paintings, Mar 4-Apr 22
Lorraine Shemesh: Waterworks, Apr 29-Jun 9
40th Anniversary, Nov 2-Dec 20


Fruits & Flowers Skies & Pies: Still Life and Landscape, Mar 4-Apr 17
Vladimir Salamun: New Sculpture, Apr 24-Jun 5
Richard Hickam: Recent Painting, Nov 4-Dec 18

Franz Kline: Architecture and Atmosphere, Oct 28, 1997-Jan 17
Kazuko Inoue: New Paintings, Jan 24-Feb 28
Vladimir Salamun, May 29-Jul 10
David Beck: L'Opera, Oct 22-Dec 5
Robert Baribeau: New Paintings, Oct 22-Dec 19

Phillip Sherrod: Paintings, Dec 12, 1996-Jan 31
James Havard: New Paintings, Mar 20-Apr 26
Wayne Thiebaud, May 1-Jun 27

Elizabeth King: Recent Sculptures, Jan 20-Mar 2
Phil Sultz, Mar 9-Apr 13
James Havard, May 4-Jun 8
Paintings by Derrick Guild, Sep 26-Nov 30
Furniture by Gaudi and Busquets, Sep 26-Nov 30
Songye Power Figures, Nov 14-Feb 24

Diana Moore: Recent Works, Mar 18-Apr 22
Robert Baribeau: Recent works, Mar 18-Apr 22
Lorraine Shemesh: Painted Pools, Apr 29-May 27
Power Figures, May
Philip Sultz  

James Havard
Philip Sultz: Painted Collage  
Wayne Thiebaud and Allan Stone: Celebrating 33 Years Together, May 6-Jun 30
David Beck: Turtle and Movie Palace, May-Jun

Fetishism: Contemporary and Primitive, Mar 5-Mar 30

Lorraine Shemesh: Recent Paintings, Apr 6-May 4
Vladimir Salamun: The Hammer Sculptures, Oct 12-Nov 16

James Grashow: The Ocean and Houseplants, Feb
James Havard, Mar
Robert Baribeau: Recent Paintings, Apr