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Selected Past Exhibitions

Allan Stone Gallery

1960 - 2010

Installation View: John Graham: Sum Qui Sum, October 22-December 22, 2005, Allan Stone Projects

Installation View: Wayne Thiebaud Since 1962: A Survey, Arpil 2-May 27, 2005, Allan Stone Projects

Installation View: John Chamberlain: Early Works, Oct 28, 2003-Jan 17, 2004, Allan Stone Gallery

Installatiion View: Wayne Thiebaud: Riverscapes, February 5-March 19, 2003, Allan Stone Gallery

Installation View: Joseph Cornell, October 30, 2002-January 18, 2003, Allan Stone Gallery

Installation View: Franz Kline: Architechture & Atmosphere, October 28, 1997-January 17, 1998, Allan Stone Projects

Installation View: Willem de Kooning: Liquefying Cubism, October 1994-January 1995, Allan Stone Gallery

Installation View: Wayne Thiebaud: 25th Anniversary, March, 1986, Allan Stone Gallery

Installation View: John Graham and his Friends, November 3-21, 1981, Allan Stone Gallery

Installation View: John Graham, April 3-28, 1973, Allan Stone Gallery

Installation View: de Kooning/Cornell, February 2-March 13, 1965, Allan Stone Gallery

Installation View: de Kooning/Newman, October 23-November 17, 1962, Allan Stone Gallery

Press Release

Allan Stone Gallery was founded in 1960. Between that year and 2010, the gallery mounted over 300 exhibitions at three locations in New York. Below is a selected list of these exhibitions, illustrating the scope, depth and duration of the Gallery's program.


Derrick Guild: After Eden, Sep 10-Oct 30
Collage: John Chamberlain & Alfred Leslie, Nov 4-Dec 23

George Deem: Quotations (Early Works), Jan 8-Feb 21
Lorraine Shemesh: Intersections, Feb 28-Apr 11

Wayne Thiebaud: The Figure, Apr 8-May 30
Robert Baribeau: Recent Work, Jun 11-Jul 18

Derrick Guild: Pre-Ascension, Mar 8-Apr 28
Bugatti, May 3-Jun 28
Willem de Kooning: Drawings 1920-1970s, Oct 30-Dec 22

Kazuko Inoue: Intersections, May 10-Jun 30
James Havard: Recent Paintings, Oct 21-Dec 22
Robert S. Neuman: Fifty Years, Jan 12-Mar 4
Willem de Kooning: Slipping Glimpses 1920-1960s, Dec 7-Dec 10

Alfred Leslie, 1951-1962: Expressing the Zeitgeist, Oct 16, 2004-Jan 22
Richard Hickam: Beyond the Surface, Feb 5-Mar 26
Wayne Thiebaud Since 1962: A Survey, Apr 2-May 27
Robert Rasely: Enigmatic Landscapes, Jun 6-Jul 18
John Graham: Sum Qui Sum, Oct 22-Dec 22

John Chamberlain: Early Works, Oct 28, 2003-Jan 17
David Beck: La Naturecanique, Jan 24-Mar 6
James Grashow: Cardbirds, Mar 13-Apr 24
Lorraine Shemesh,, Liquid States: Paintings and Drawings, Apr 29-Jun 11
Robert Baribeau: Field Paintings, Still Lifes, and Objects, Jun 17-Jul 23

Joseph Cornell: Toys, Objects, Box Constructions, Collages, Oct 30, 2002-Jan 18
Wayne Thiebaud: Riverscapes, Feb 5-Mar 19

Dennis Clive: The Players: Ceramic Sculpture, May 2-Jun 13

Philip Sultz: Collage, Jan 13-Feb 28
James Havard: Paintings, Mar 10-Apr 21
Wayne Thiebaud: Four Decades with the Allan Stone Gallery, May 3-Jul 12
The Figure: 120 Years of Representational and Abstract Figuration, Nov 1-Dec 20

Philip Sultz: Collage, Jan 13-Feb 28
Derrick Guild: Bread Paintings, Mar 4-Apr 22
Lorraine Shemesh: Waterworks, Apr 29-Jun 9
40th Anniversary, Nov 2-Dec 20


Fruits & Flowers Skies & Pies: Still Life and Landscape, Mar 4-Apr 17
Vladimir Salamun: New Sculpture, Apr 24-Jun 5
Richard Hickam: Recent Painting, Nov 4-Dec 18

Franz Kline: Architecture and Atmosphere, Oct 28, 1997-Jan 17
Kazuko Inoue: New Paintings, Jan 24-Feb 28
Vladimir Salamun, May 29-Jul 10
David Beck: L'Opera, Oct 22-Dec 5
Robert Baribeau: New Paintings, Oct 22-Dec 19

Phillip Sherrod: Paintings, Dec 12, 1996-Jan 31
James Havard: New Paintings, Mar 20-Apr 26
Wayne Thiebaud, May 1-Jun 27

Elizabeth King: Recent Sculptures, Jan 20-Mar 2
Phil Sultz, Mar 9-Apr 13
James Havard, May 4-Jun 8
Paintings by Derrick Guild, Sep 26-Nov 30
Furniture by Gaudi and Busquets, Sep 26-Nov 30
Songye Power Figures, Nov 14-Feb 24

Diana Moore: Recent Works, Mar 18-Apr 22
Robert Baribeau: Recent works, Mar 18-Apr 22
Lorraine Shemesh: Painted Pools, Apr 29-May 27
Power Figures, May
Philip Sultz  

James Havard
Philip Sultz: Painted Collage  
Wayne Thiebaud and Allan Stone: Celebrating 33 Years Together, May 6-Jun 30
David Beck: Turtle and Movie Palace, May-Jun

Fetishism: Contemporary and Primitive, Mar 5-Mar 30

Lorraine Shemesh: Recent Paintings, Apr 6-May 4
Vladimir Salamun: The Hammer Sculptures, Oct 12-Nov 16

James Grashow: The Ocean and Houseplants, Feb
James Havard, Mar
Robert Baribeau: Recent Paintings, Apr